1 Million Cups Greenville


On a chilly Wednesday morning, the SOW Project was welcomed into a small meeting space with cups of coffee, warm handshakes, and an open floor to share our vision. The audience consisted of experienced individuals and entrepreneurs both young and old, with various backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. These men and women are active participants in the Greenville community and are eager to interact and support local entrepreneurs. This cultivating community was formed through 1 Million Cups which is a nationwide organization built on the idea that people can come together to solve problems and interact with one another over a million cups of coffee. Having the opportunity to present at 1 Million Cups in Greenville resulted in various connections and new ideas.

As The SOW Project continually seeks ways to promote, expand, and improve our outreach and our ability to help those in need, we are so grateful to 1 Million Cups in Greenville for having and supporting our vision. With this kind of community, the SOW Project can expand to reach so many lives and help those who are in need.

Thank you to Jeff Gentile, Jillian Wells, Karen Janette, and all the volunteers at 1 Million Cups in Greenville for working so tirelessly to connect with us and for their endless support of the entrepreneurial community of Greenville.


written by Olivia Evans.




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